Friday, October 30, 2009

WOD 103009

Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1

The feeling when you hit a new PR is... AMAZING. However, this will NOT be the heaviest I'll 1RM. "The numbers will only increase" as I told Hans when both of us hit a new 1RM PR, he's 182kgs (400lbs!!!) tho. Gonna catch up with him!

Completed weight 130kgs, 145kgs, 155kgs, 165kgs, 175kgs (PR!)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

WOD 102909

Press 3-3-3-3-3
Push Press 3-3-3-3-3

Is that it?

Over the past few weeks, we have started including more strength days into our workout programming. The question has often come up, is that it? Is doing 5 sets of 3 reps enough? With the majority of our workouts in the past being Pukie inducing sessions(pools of sweat, seeing stars, the room spinning around etc.), strength workouts would be something new for most PushMore-ians.

Why a strength workout? The obvious answer would be to get stronger. If you have to ask why get stronger, consider the following quote:-

"Strong people are harder to kill than weak people and more useful in general." - Mark Rippetoe, author of Starting Strength.

Strength is important. No two ways about it.

To get the most out strength days, here are some pointers:-

1. Technique. Strength days normally focus on one lift(Deadlift, Squat, Press etc.). So after a general warm-up, work on your technique before starting on your lifts. Strive to iron out any issues you may have with the movement. Get a coach to check on your form. Technical flaws in movement can only get worse when you add weight to the equation.

2. Sets and progressions. Start with a light weight and do a set of 3-5 reps to groove in the movement. Start your first set with a weight you know can lift. For example, if your 3RM(RM=rep max) for a press is 70kg, start with 60kg or even less than that. Aim to build up to your previous max by the fourth set. On the fifth set, attempt a weight above your previous PR. If you're unsuccessful, just drop the weight back to your previous max. However, if you have not established a previous max, be more conservative with the increases in load. You can always come back another day and try a heavier load.

3. Rest. Between sets, a general rule would be to rest about 3-5 minutes between sets. If you think think you need more rest, take it. When doing heavy strength workouts, mental preparedness plays a big role as well. If you don't feel ready, don't go yet.

4. Intensity. Strength workouts are intense on a whole different level. Depending on the rep range, you may be working extremely hard in the anaerobic(without oxygen) zone for 2-3 seconds each rep. When you take into account the entire set, this places a huge a systemic load on your entire body and nervous system. You may not feel a "pump" similar to doing a met-con workout like Angie or Fran but you should feel like you put everything you had into the lift. And if you are lifting a near maximal or maximal weight, the load on your central nervous system is even larger. So, yeah, strength days are intense.

5. Show Up. Most important of all, show up. You can't get stronger from just watching other people lift weights on YouTube.

Happy lifting!

Taken from

Completed weight

Press : 50kgs, 40kgs, 45kgs, 50kgs (2 reps), 50kgs (2 reps)
Push press : 50kgs, 52.5kgs, 55kgs, 57.5kgs, 60kgs

Setting the standard
Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5

Completed weight
60kgs, 80kgs, 90kgs, 105kgs, 110kgs

First time doing backsquat with low rack position. JW was overlooking and teaching me how to do it. At first it felt REALLY weird, my shoulder blades wasn't use to hold the bar lower than I used to and had to push my arms all the way at the back & up. After about 30 mins of practice, I got the hang of it. But due to not doing back squat after a year or so, I was afraid of getting to low at the squat. Afraid that I might not be able to get back up. About 1/2 inch higher than I suppose to, but 110kgs is impressive altho I've done 100kgs when I was gyming about a year ago at Fitness First while doing the starting strenght programme. Will try to give 150kgs next time.

Used all my juice during the back squat that I sucked during the presses/push presses. At least I didn't give up (thanks JW for the encouragement) and let my ego go to lower down the weight. At least a new PR for back squat!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

WOD 102709

For time of:
10 KB Clean & Jerk @ 24kg/16kg, L&R
50 Double Unders
8 KB Clean & Jerk @ 24kg/16kg, L&R
40 Double Unders
6 KB Clean & Jerk @ 24kg/16kg, L&R
30 Double Unders
4 KB Clean & Jerk @ 24kg/16kg, L&R
20 Double Unders
2 KB Clean & Jerk @ 24kg/16kg, L&R
10 Double Unders

The Kettlebell Jerk
The jerk is one of the three main exercises utilized in kettlebell competition(the other two being the snatch and the Long Cycle). Primary muscles involved are the quadriceps, calves, shoulders and core.

The jerk develops strength, explosiveness, endurance, work capacity and core strength. In terms of functionality, the jerk is a fantastic exercise for developing explosiveness in a vertical plane using a short range of motion.

In a kettlebell competition, male athletes will jerk two 32kg bells continuously for 10 minutes. With the goal being to complete as many reps as possible, the competition is physically and mentally challenging as placing the bells on the floor is not allowed during the 10 minutes. The jerk, being a competition lift where efficiency is key, utilizing anatomical breathing is a must. Thus, inhale as the bells are thrust up, exhale/inhale at the top and then exhale/de-pressurize as you lower the bells back to the rack position. Since pacing is important variable in this exercise, you may take several breaths in the rack position and even overhead to facilitate recovery between reps.

Key points:
- After cleaning the bell to a racked position, the bell is accelerated overhead via an explosion of the legs.
- The bell travels upward close to the body's centerline - a different groove from a military press.
- After using initial leg drive to bump the bell upward, add in a second knee dip to get under the weight and lock the elbows.
- The upward movement is finalized with the both the arms and legs locked.
- The arm/shoulder position should be rotated medially(towards the body's centerline) at approximately 45 degrees.

Source: International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation.

Completed as Rx'd : 8:17


Strenght Training

Bench Press 5-5-5-5-5
50kgs, 60kgs, 60kgs, 65kgs, 70kgs.

Skill Training

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Power Snatch
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 O/H Squat

Completed with 40kgs BB : 35:02

Monday, October 26, 2009

WOD 102609 "Fran"

WOD "Fran"
21-15-9 reps for time of:
Thrusters @ 40kg/30kg
Pull Ups

Actually today's WOD is Cindy/Mary. But I did Fran instead since the last time I did was in January. Time to set a new PR, I told myself. I have been doing Fran (last 2 times) with the KB since Pushmore didn't have any barbells yet. So this is actually my FIRST time doing Fran with a barbell.

What is Fran ?

Fran" is another classic benchmark CrossFit workout. This couplet of two exercises induces fear and excitement among those who have had the opportunity/ill fortune to do this workout. It's a fantastic combo that works the entire body from core to extremity.

Because both exercises are such huge compound movements, it takes intensity through the roof. So here are couple of points to note for those of you coming in for the WOD today:-

- Maintain good form. I've mentioned this many times before, but it is essential that form is maintained when fatigue sets in. I know you want a good time on Fran, but don't get injured for your ego.

- Intensity. Fran is intense and that's precisely what we want in a workout. But remember, take a break if you need to. Otherwise Pukie might be paying you a visit.

Enough said, on to Fran!

Taken from

Completed as Rx'd : 6:51

Yes, that's a new PR. But still am not happy with my form on thrusters. Wrist hurt like crap after the WOD.

Strenght training
Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5

Completed weight
130kgs/286lbs, 135kgs/297lbs, 135kgs/297lbs, 140kgs/308lbs, 145kgs/319

Friday, October 23, 2009

WOD 102309

Four rounds for time of:
10 Deadlifts @ 60kg/40kg
25 Push Ups

The Push Up

A simple enough exercise - push ups. All you need is the ground and you, which means you can do it virtually anywhere. Everyone's done them at some point in their life, whether in high-school PE or part of a structured workout program.

Simple as a push up is, there are actually many variations to it. Close grip, wide grip, elevated or even one arm push ups, one has many options when it comes to implementing push ups into a workout.

But really, why should we do push ups? The ability to hold your body in a solid plank position and push it off the ground is an excellent way to train an athlete's upper body and core strength. Which means if you can't do a solid push up yet, you know what you need to work on.

The following is a link to an excellent article exploring the push up in detail with progressions as well as tips on how to get the most out of this "simple" exercise:-

The Push Ups

Taken from

Completed with 100kgs/220lbs & CTF (Chest to floor pushups): 6:15

Thursday, October 22, 2009

WOD 102209

Three rounds for time of:
15 Hang power Cleans @ 40kg/30kg
Run 400m

What's a Hang Power Clean?

The Hang Power Clean is a barbell clean with a specific set of parameters. The term "HANG" refers to starting with bar in a mid-thigh position and "POWER" refers to catching the bar in the rack position before the femur(thigh bone) breaks parallel.

The Hang Power Clean is an explosive movement that develops power, speed and coordination. It involves almost all the major muscles of the body resulting in a very potent and functional exercise.

Essentially, as Coach Mike Burgener puts it, it is a jump and a land. It trains an athlete to generate force within a short space and time. If you watch the video, the bar does not go past the knees before the athlete drives into a full hip extension, followed by a shrug of the shoulders with the elbow whipping up and under the bar quickly to a solid catch/rack position. It is important to note that the it is the hips that are initiating the drive of the bar upwards and not a pulling motion of the arms.

Done for low reps and heavy loads, it is fantastic for building explosive power and for high reps at lower loads, it can be a killer full-body conditioning workout.

As this is quite a new movement for most PushMore-ians, we will be spending time with everyone who comes in for the WOD today on how to perform this lift correctly. I promise you, you will love(hate?) the workout. See you later!


Completed as rx'd : 8:36

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

WOD 102109

For time of:
45 Kb Swings @ 32kg(M)/20kg(W)
90 Squats
30 Kb Swings @ 32kg(M)/20kg(W)
60 Squats
15 Kb Swings @ 32kg(M)/20kg(W)
30 Squats

Completed as rx'd : 11:28

Why Squat?

We squat for our warm-ups, we do them in our workouts. Have you ever wondered, why squat? As Coach Greg Glassman puts it:-

"The squat is essential to your well-being. The squat can both greatly improve your athleticism and keep your hips, back, and knees sound and functioning in your senior years."

The squat is the exercise for your lower body. The following article is a comprehensive guide to the most foundational CrossFit movement. Photographs outline 23 points of performance for a sound squat, common faults and cues to correct them.

Here's the link:-
Squat Clinic

Taken from

Setting a new PR for Squat Clean

Squat Clean 1-1-1

Completed weights 110lbs - 132bls - 154bls

I will attempt this again in the coming week.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

WOD 102009

In 20 minutes, do as many rounds as possible of:

3 Muscle Ups
6 Handstand Push Ups
9 Knees-to-Elbows

Have you ever done multiple ring dips or muscle ups and gotten burn marks on the outside your arms? If you have, the reason this happens is that the straps of the rings are constantly brushing against your arms as you execute the movement. The solution? Develop a stronger support position on the rings. Check out the following article for tips and progressions to a better ring support position:-

Support Strength On The Rings

Taken from

Completed 6 rounds (sub round 4 - 6 to 3 pullups/3 ringdips per MU)

Skill WOD

For time of
75 Clean Squats @ 45kgs/100lbs

completed as rx'd : 25:03

Feels good to "dump" the barbell on the floor.

Monday, October 19, 2009

WOD 101909

150 Dumbell Power Snatches @ 35lbs(M)/25lbs(W) L/R

*These are total reps for both arms. Reps can be split any way between both arms

Completed as rx'd : 6:37

Must be one of the fastest workout I've done. Reps were done 15-15-10-10... until 150 reps are completed.

Post workout meal - zone non-paleo
150grams sirloin pork (4 blocks protein)
2 apples (4 blocks carbs)
24 almonds (8 blocks fats)

Lunch (super diary meal!)
1 tub low fat yoghurt (3 blocks carbs/protein) bout 7 grams of protein/carbs per 100g.
24 almonds (8 blocks fats) mixed together with the yoghurt.
250ml low-fat milk (1 block carbs/protein)

Friday, October 16, 2009

WOD 101609

For time of:
15 Handstand Push Ups
30 Pull Ups
45 Box Jumps
15 Handstand Push Ups
30 Pull Ups
45 Medicine Ball Cleans @ 10kg(M)/5kg(W)
15 Handstand Push Ups
30 Pull Ups
45 Burpees

First round of pullups

Completed as rx'd : 19:52

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

WOD 101409

100 Deadlifts @ Bodyweight for time.

*Weigh in before your workout. The weight on the scale is what you deadlift for the workout.

How to set up right for your deadlift:-

I weighted myself before the workout with a new spanky weight machine at PushMore. I've been eating right, but I gained 3kgs. I hope those weight are at the correct places (instead of the tummy). So I'm 78kgs. I rounded up the number to 80kgs.

As you guys may know I love deadlift, that's because that's one of the only workout that I excel in. So to speak.

Completed 100 deadlifts(80kgs) : 6:24

2nd time in my crossfit experience that I'm number 1 on the board. Maybe because Edmatron did not come that day. Recovery was a zone paleo meal of 3 blocks broccoli, 1 block apple, 5 blocks chicken breast meat and 8 blocks nuts. What I found out yesterday also is, my microwave decided to quit on me. So I might buy a new one after work today (Thursday) since today is the recovery day from crossfitting.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

WOD 101309

Four rounds for time of:
Run 800m
15 Kettlebell Swings @ 32kg(M)/24kg(W)

Have ever thought about why one would swing an iron or steel ball overhead for reps? Well the kettlebell swing is a fantastic conditioning exercise that involves almost the entire body when executed correctly. For the exercise geeks, the major muscles involved include the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, lower and upper back, forearm flexors and front and posterior delts. Yes, that's quite a mouthful.

With that many muscles in the mix, coordination becomes an important part of the movement. Swings done correctly are beautiful to watch. An explosive drive through the legs and hips initiates the kettlebell's movement upwards and is guided overhead by the upper back, shoulders and arms. The downswing is received in fluid motion by the lower back and legs with a follow through to the end of the kettlebell's downward arc.

Done with a light load and multiple reps, the swing can challenge even an elite athlete's cardiovascular capabilities. Swings with a heavy kettlebell are great for developing an athlete's explosive power and core strength. The method and use of the swings can be adapted accordingly based on individual programming needs, thus making it an extremely versatile exercise.

Key benefits of the swing:-
a. Total body conditioning.
b. Develops explosive power.
c. Strengthening of the core abdominals and lower back.
d. Teaches an athlete how to create and control force and tension in the body.
e. Physical and mental endurance on long cycle training.

For further reading on the kettlebell swing, check out the following articles from the CrossFit Journal:-
The Kettlebell Swing
Swingers and Kippers

Taken from


Run fatboy run!

Completed as rx'd : 25:05

Swinging with the elites

Not the best performance I would say. The swing was ok, as I could do all 15 reps straight. As for the running, let's just say I didn't stop until the last round of 400m, but it was slow! like, ok I wasn't running. It was more of a quick jog. FML.

Good news is that I am now able to do Snatch Balance & Snatch Squat (66lbs). Thanks to Juan to show me some pointers. This now opens a new movement in my library.

Monday, October 12, 2009

WOD 101209 "Chelsea"


Every minute, on the minute, for 30 minutes, do:
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Squats

"Chelsea" is a classic CrossFit bodyweight workout. An athlete has a time limit of 1 minute to complete each round with the goal of completing a total of 30 rounds.. The challenge and intensity increases when fatigue begins to set in as the workout progresses. And when one gets tired, form on the exercises can become an issue. Bad form, at the least, means you are getting less effective training done during the workout. Worst case scenario? You could get injured. So, here are a few tips for those attempting this workout:-

1. Range of Movement(ROM)
There can be no compromise on form and ROM. It's either you did it right or you didn't. If your chin does not clear the bar on the pull up, it's a bad rep. Do your best to maintain good form under fatigue, if you don't, your coach will let you know. If your coach says it's a bad rep, don't argue. We're correcting you so that you can get the most out of your workout.

2. Pacing
Here are a couple of strategies when it comes to pacing:-
a. Crank out the reps as quick as possible. The idea is to complete the round quickly and allow for more rest between rounds. I would recommend this for those of you who have been training consistently at PushMore for 6 months or more.

b. Space out the reps evenly throughout the minute. This will reduce your rest time between rounds but will allow you to continue doing reps without burning out too quickly. If it's your first time attempting Chelsea or you are still new to CrossFit, I would recommend this method.

c. A mix of the two strategies above. For example: Using the (a) method of pacing as long as you are able and switching to (b) when the going gets tough.

2. Scaling
Adjust the difficulty of the movements depending on your current strengths. If you can do one or two pull ups without assistance, it is recommended that you use the rubber resistance bands during the workout. That way, you will be able to complete more rounds(more rounds=more work done). It's would not be very productive to do unassisted pull ups and only complete 2 rounds of Chelsea because you spent most of you 1 minute time doing the pull ups.

Keep in mind, however you choose to do it, fatigue will set in. If you're not breathing hard by round 10, there can only be two explanations - it's either you're not doing it right or you're a mutant.

Taken from
Completed rounds/mins : 20mins/rounds.

I manage to complete the rounds with 25 seconds of rest for every round, until round 19th. My pushups failed on me, with no rest inbetween I could only last for another round.

And since I did not finish all 30mins/rounds, compensation workout is

5 Rounds for time of :
400m run
10 pullups
20 pushups
30 squats

Completed in 26:24

Saturday, October 10, 2009

WOD 101009 "Dianne"


21-15-9 reps for time of:
Deadlift @ 100kgs
Handstand Push Ups

Completed as rx'd 5:50

Was I rounding my back ????!?

Pushing through

Friday, October 9, 2009

WOD 100909

30 Muscle Ups for time.

*If you cannot do a Muscle Up, do 90 Pull Ups and 90 Dips.

Completed in 20:12

Musclin' up!

Mental. When I was at 20th rep, I realise the rings were too low for me, it was hard for me to kip myself to a dip. Hence using up all my energy until the 20th rep does not do justice. Oh well..

Strenght Workout
Benchpress 3-3-3-3-3

Completed weight : 120lbs, 132lbs, 143lbs, 154lbs, 154lbs

Heaviest I have benchpress! Woohoo!

Skill training.
5 Rounds for time of
10 Clean & Split Jerk (100 lbs Barbell)

Completed as rx'd : 11:39

Thursday, October 8, 2009

WOD 100809

Five rounds of 20 Unbroken Double Unders,

Note: If you are unable to a Double Under yet, use about 20-30 mins to practice for your Double Unders before proceeding to the workout.


30 Man Makers for time. Men@30lbs, Women@20lbs

What's a Man Maker?

As the name implies(no offence to the ladies), it's a brutal combo of exercises done one after another. Check out the following video from SEAL Fit :-


The double unders was not included in the main time, so that was cool. Just skill training, which emm it's alright for me.

HOWEVER, the freaking MAN MAKERS made my muscles all drunk when I woke up this morning. But I still love it.

Completed as rx'd : 10:46

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

WOD 100709

50-35-20 reps for time of:
Medicine Ball Cleans @ 10kg/5kg
Ring Dips

A note of on Ring Dips:-
What is a proper ring dip? Points of performance we're looking for:-
- Shoulders lower to the rings.
- Obvious lowering of the hips from the starting position.
- Elbows kept tight throughout movement and eye gaze forward.
- Driving up into a full lock out of the elbows at the top of the movement.

Completed as rx'd : 16:29

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

WOD 100609

Four rounds of:
Single Kettlebell Press, max reps
Single Kettlebell Push Press, max reps
Single Kettlebell Push Jerk, max reps

Men @ 24kg
Women @ 16kg

There is no time component to this workout. Complete all the exercises for one arm before switching over. You can only put the kettlebell down after completion of reps for both arms. Kettlebell can be held in either a rack or hang position.


Completed reps :
L : (5, 11, 8) (6, 11, 12) (6, 10, 12) (6, 17, 12)
R : (11, 12, 10) (11, 13, 13) (12, 15, 8) (15, 13, 11)

Total : 116 (L) + 144 (R) = 260

Monday, October 5, 2009

WOD 100509 WOD "Helen"

WOD "Helen"

Three rounds for time of:
Run 400m
21 Kettlebell Swings @ 24kg/16kg
12 Pull Ups

Completed as rx'd : 12:17

Compare to WOD 072809

Friday, October 2, 2009

WOD 100209

For time of:
10 KettlebellThruster @ 24kg/16kg, L&R
20 Pull Ups
8 Kettlebell Thruster @ 24kg/16kg, L&R
16 Pull Ups
6 Kettlebell Thruster @ 24kg/16kg, L&R
12 Pull Ups
4 Kettlebell Thruster @ 24kg/16kg, L&R
8 pull Ups
2 Kettlebell Thruster @ 24kg/16kg, L&R
4 Pull Ups

*Thrusters done with a single KB.

Completed as rx'd : 9:32

Short & sweet. I like.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

WOD 100109

In 20 minutes, do as many rounds as possible of:
5 Kettlebell Snatch @ 24kg(M)/16kg(W), L&R
15 Double Unders

Completed rounds : 13 Rounds (Dumbell 50lbs Snatch)

FAILED. I rested too long. My hamstrings are fucked from yesterday's heavy deadlifts!